Introduction of New Management Study Program Students in 2019 with Lecturers

Thursday (22/8/19), UNY PKKMB activities in 2019 have been carried out starting from Monday, 19 August 2019 to Saturday, 24 August 2019. The 2019 UNY PKKMB series of activities opened on 19 August 2019, opened at the UNY Sports Building by the Rector of the University Yogyakarta State. UNY PKKMB activities are also carried out at the Faculty and Department level. On Thursday. August 22, 2019 PKKMB activities were continued with the Introduction of Study Programs for New Students held by the Management Student Association. In this activity, 2019 new students were given the opportunity to get to know more about the Department of Management FE UNY, starting from the introduction of lecturers to the programs in Management.

This event started with remarks from the Head of the Management Department of FE UNY Mr. Setyabudi Indartono, Ph.D., in his speech he congratulated the 2019 new students for having successfully passed the selection and officially becoming a student of FE UNY, especially Management students. Becoming a Management student at FE UNY is a special thing because those who are interested in the Management study program are the biggest enthusiasts at UNY. On this occasion also explained about the achievements that have been obtained by Management students, both national and international achievements.

Then the event continued with the introduction of Management lecturers. Each Management lecturer was introduced one by one, and explained the courses taught. The event ended with a question and answer session about lectures in Management. There are questions from new students who ask about the Excellence Class Program and programs for further study. In his explanation, Mr. Setyabudi Indartono, Ph.D. and Mrs. Arum Darmawati explained that the selection of the Superior Program in Management of FE UNY can be followed by all students of Management of FE UNY. Each student must take part in the selection and meet the requirements that have been determined. Furthermore, for further study programs, the Department of Management provides broad opportunities for students to continue their studies both at UNY and with other universities abroad that have collaborated with UNY. The event was closed by handing over a memento from the Committee to the Head of the Management Department.