Study Visit at Chouyang University of Technology

Taichung, Oct 24th 2017. The team of Management school of UNY consist of Prof. Dr. Nahiyah Jaidi and Setyabudi Indartono, Ph.D are welcomed by Prof. Sung-Chi Hsu, Ph.D, Wen-der Yu, Ph.D, and Jane S.C.Liu, Ph.D. As part of the development step towards World Class University, Yogyakarta State University continues to work together with universities / related institutions, major from abroad. To support the university's program, the Management School of Economic Faculty UNY lead by Setyabudi Indartono, Ph.D initiated a partnership with Chouyang University of Technology, Taichung. It innitiate to build cooperation focused on academic, research, and business incubation development. 

Chouyang University of Technology has 4 Indonesian students study in various field. However as a private university, this number is seem few rather than other universities in Taiwan. Incubation center of Chouyang University of Technology has a good reputation in the world. Accordingly this share session is likely to strengthen the attention of UNY on developing business incubation center. Taiwan has at least 160 incubation centers whereas Indonesia has 30's. Chouyang University of Technology successfully develop the business environment to all departement and school learning. Jane S.C.Liu, Ph.D hopes this innitial communication should be follow up by signing an MoU between Universities. She also invites UNY's incubation center to join into the global incubation institution.