Two Lecturers from Management Study Program Passed as BNSP Assessors

Karangmalang, 14 December 2017. Two Lecturers of Management Study Program: Setyabudi Indartono, Ph.D and Dr. Tony Wijaya was declared competent in the training and certification test conducted by BNSP at the UNY Hotel. After participating in a series of 4 days of training and preparation of documents and practice, from 30 participants, 2 lecturers of the management study program were declared competent as BNSP assessors. The training carried out by UNY aims to prepare assessors who are ready to be assigned to test students who apply for competency certification in accordance with the demands of the SKKNI.

Competing in the global world of work and facing disruption issues, UNY alumni must at least have one of the skills demanded by SKKNI. Therefore, every UNY alumni is expected to graduate and be considered competent in these fields and units of expertise. This is also expected to be able to support UNY's hard work in achieving QS 500.